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Central Virginia

McLean House, site of the end of the Civil War

McLean House, site of the end of the Civil War

Virginia is a such a beautiful state and so rich with history;  Colonial, Revolutionary and Civil War.  Central Virginia is particularily beautiful with rolling hills, vast  estates, historical sites and now vineyards.

This visit to Virginia, which is Leonard’s home state, had us arriving right by the Appomatox Courthouse, site of the end of the Civil War. Continue reading

Cars, Camping and China in North Carolina


1967 TR 4

We’ve been able to accomplish a multitude of activities in the last few days, all in the same general area of North Carolina.   We went to inspect a 1967 TR4 that my uncle is interested in purchasing and Leonard spent a couple of hours giving it a thorough going over.    I used the time to wander the grounds of the Jones Family farm and talk with the owner’s son,  who has turned the land into the only organic farm in his county.  He is getting ready to turn a profit after only 3 years and his demand is exceeding his supply.  When we were ready to leave he gave us two huge bags of fresh organic produce.  What an enjoyable morning. Continue reading

On the Road Again


It’s our favorite time of year, spring and that means a road trip. This year we are planning to slowly work our way north,  eventually ending up in Michigan and the UP before heading to Minnesota and back south. We have been hearing about the legendary beauty of the UP for many years and are looking forward to finally being able to explore it. Continue reading