Navajo Lake State Park – New Mexico

The predicted cold front came through and when we woke up this morning it was 32 F (0 C) in Santa Fe.  The good thing is that there is so little humidity that we were able to take Laia for a walk (albeit with our jackets on) and not feel cold.  The dryness has created havoc with our noses though.  I’ve taken to putting vaseline on a q-tip and inserting it in my nose to prevent further nose bleeds (a lovely sight, I know).   I don’t know if my medical friends would approve but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Navajo Lake State Park

Navajo Lake State Park

Navajo Lake - NW New Mexico

Navajo Lake – NW New Mexico

We had changed our minds about heading further up into the mountains to see Taos because of the uncertainty with the weather and instead headed to the northwest corner of New Mexico – Navajo Lake State Park.

It seemed very remote with not even a ranger to check us in.   We just had to pick a site and leave the money in an envelope.    When we actually got down to where the campground was there

were many other campers there, but we were able to get a site overlooking the lake.

It was a chilly 28 F       (-2 C) for sunrise.

It was a chilly 28 F (-2 C) for sunrise.

Tomorrow me head on to Moab, the starting point of our adventures in Utah.

5 responses to “Navajo Lake State Park – New Mexico

  1. No Rangers, huh? Did you feel like pioneers circling the wagons? By the way… another from the chair panorama shot… nice touch!

  2. Looks like a beautiful lake. Did you bring your inflatable? I decided to buy a little Sevylor dingy to bring in case I need to get on the water. Isn’t it amazing how dry it is and what it does to those Floridian mucous membranes. Even in NC I was searching for the ChapStick in a couple of days. I was wondering how much cold you would run into or if you would be in the snow. Just a couple of weeks and I’ll be heading your way. You write so beautifully descriptive. Makes me want to travel.

    • sunandsandtravelers

      Thanks Mike, no we didn’t bring our inflatable. We knew we would be seeing more rocks than water so it wasn’t worth it. I thought you were bringing your kayak? See you soon.

  3. Love the sunrise photo!

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