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Mt Rainier NP, Washington

Twin 1000 yr old Douglas firs

Twin 1000 yr old Douglas firs in old growth rainforest

After spending a couple of days in Missoula,  we once again hit the road to our next stop in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.  Leonard has an old navy buddy who lives there and we were able to spend a couple of days with them and their family.  It was fun reconnecting after several years and we unknowingly timed it just right and were able to watch Steve and his band play great blue grass at our RV resort.  We really liked Coeur D’Alene, a pretty little mountain town on a beautiful lake. Continue reading

Garnet Ghost Town – Montana

Garnet Ghost Town

Garnet Ghost Town

We love to explore old ghost towns and when we heard that the largest, best preserved ghost town in Montana was located about 45 min. from our RV park in Missoula, we didn’t hesitate to go explore it.    The town was originally built in the late 1800’s by miners seeking gold and other precious metals and at its peak it had about 1000 residents.    By 1905 most of the large strikes had been depleted and the town only had 150 residents.  Then a fire burned down many of the buildings and by the end of the Great Depression the town was deserted. Continue reading

Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming

Devils Tower National Monument

We arrived here yesterday after a short journey from Custer SP.  We were intending to visit for just a few hours and then carry on, but there is a gorgeous KOA campground right at the entrance to the Park that was calling our name, so  we decided to stay for the night.    The view is unparalleled, the weather incredible and we like it here so much that we’re going to stay for another night. Continue reading

Where the buffalo roam….and burros too!

IMG_2462Custer State Park abounds with wildlife and while we were there we saw everything from white tail and mule deer, pronghorn, big horn sheep, marmots, wild burros to buffalo.    It’s similar to Yellowstone in its abundance of wildlife but without the geysers.   Continue reading

Threading the Needles Hwy to Sylvan Lake – Custer SP

Disappearing into the mountain wall!

Disappearing into the mountain wall!

The Needles Highway is a spectacular 14 mile road that gets its name from the needle-like granite formations which seem to pierce the horizon along the highway.  Getting to our campground located at Sylvan Lake, which was at the end of the Needles Hwy, was an experience that we will never forget.

Continue reading

Custer State Park, SD

Summer White House of Calvin Coolidge

Summer White House of Calvin Coolidge


We’re going to spend 5 nights here in Custer State Park but because we had to cancel our original reservations we arrived here and just hoped for a spot.  There are 7 different campgrounds in this 71,000 acre park and the best they could do was have us move around to 4 of the different campgrounds.  Oh well, at least we’re in and this way we get the full feel of the park. Continue reading

Badlands National Park, SD


Badlands in the spring.

Badlands in the spring.

One of the goals for our trip has been met and we have arrived at Custer State Park just south of Rapid City, SD.    We took the scenic route and detoured through Badlands National Park,  which was spectacular.   Continue reading