Monthly Archives: June 2016

Adirondacks, NY


Shore Forest Campground in Hop Bottom, PA

Five days of traveling and we’ve made very good time.  The route north on I-81 is an easy drive bypassing all the big cities of the NE.  It took us right through Chambersburg, PA where an old childhood friend of Leonard’s now lives.  We were able to meet up the Wayne and Theresa for breakfast and they took turns riding north with us in the RV  and now have the RV bug bad.  We’re eagerly awaiting the day they do get one so we can travel together.   We are now in the general vicinity of our destination and have decided to take a small detour and a break and explore the Adirondacks for a couple of days. Continue reading

Fancy Gap, VA

Gosh, we’re heading north just in time because the heat has hit the southeast hard.  The temps as we roll along are reading consistently 95 -98 degrees and we’re desperate to get into cooler temperatures.  So we headed up into the Blue Ridge Mountains and crossed over into VA where we discovered a gem of an RV park on the Blue Ridge Parkway called Fancy Gap Cabins and Campground.  What a beautiful place, recently purchased by a couple from Pennsylvania who have worked tirelessly to bring the place to it’s current gorgeous condition. Continue reading

Hardeeville, SC

It’s been almost a year since our last big trip and we’re frothing at the bit to hit the road again.  We sold our beloved ‘Trixie’ the intrepid Born Free who went where few RV’s have gone before.  She was showing her age and we worried about her, so with mixed emotions we sold her and acquired an Allegro Open Road that at 32 ft is only 6 ft longer than Trixie but with slides and basement storage, she seems huge.  Her name is ‘Bella’ and I’m sure there will be many pictures of her in the blog. Continue reading