Fancy Gap, VA

Gosh, we’re heading north just in time because the heat has hit the southeast hard.  The temps as we roll along are reading consistently 95 -98 degrees and we’re desperate to get into cooler temperatures.  So we headed up into the Blue Ridge Mountains and crossed over into VA where we discovered a gem of an RV park on the Blue Ridge Parkway called Fancy Gap Cabins and Campground.  What a beautiful place, recently purchased by a couple from Pennsylvania who have worked tirelessly to bring the place to it’s current gorgeous condition.

We got a perfect site situated on a hill overlooking the apple orchard where we could pick up some of the cooler breezes that we have been so eagerly awaiting.  Finally some cool breezes and then it became dark and really breezy and suddenly we were under a severe thunderstorm warning.  Wow,  our RV was being buffeted by the wind and shaking like crazy and we were rethinking our wish for a site on the top of the hill.   Too late to move, we moved in the slides and hunkered down.  An hour later most of it was over and in the morning we emerged unscathed and enjoying temps in the low 60’s.  Yessss, this is what we were waiting for.



Fancy Gap Campground on the Blue Ridge Parkway


Peach and apricot orchards in front of cottages


The perfect site on a hill overlooking the apple orchard



6 responses to “Fancy Gap, VA

  1. Nice. Cabins are $53 per night, supposedly with great sunset views.

  2. On the road again with the Catons. Have a lovely trip. Allie and I are watching your every move.

  3. Looks like you now have a Cadilac of the RV world. Happy travels with Bella. You are heading to one of our favorite spots. Maine. We’ve been thete twice in 3 years. The villages on US 1 from the New Hampshire border remind us of Door Co. They each have their own personality. Last year we spent a week in the Acadia National Forest. It is so beautiful. Loved Bar Harbor. Have a great trip. We will look foreward to you upcoming posts. We also have friends near Richmond VA who have taken us to the Blue Ridge Mts. Lovely.
    Have a cool trip….stay safe!

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