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The Amera Coach II

Cool drivers door

Cool drivers door

This sleek RV drove past our Lake Superior campsite and I had to find out more about it. Fortunately it ended up parking a short walk away so I didn’t waste anytime dropping by for a visit.  Never know when folks are going to leave. Continue reading

RV Museum, Elkhart, IN.


1915 Model T with 1916 telescoping apartment


Elkhart, Indiana, the home of everything RV.  Almost all the major motorhome manufacturers are located in this area, as well as service and repair facilities and specialty parts stores for that hard to find item.   Of course it is the perfect location for what else, a museum dedicated to RV’s.  Continue reading

The Homemade Harbor Freight Camper

  If you ever wanted to build yourself a decent, hard-sided camper trailer, for under $1000, then check this out.

Note the "Slide Out"

Note the “Slide Out”

It is based on this trailer.  He had a number tips about the building process.  Putting bubble levels around the trailer and using the stands are apparently crucial during initial construction and later when setting up  for camping.  This is due to flexing of the trailer.  You can see his solar heated hot water tank (the blue jug wrapped in plastic).  Also note the solar panels behind the trailer.


The Inside

It has all the amenities, including a shower, sink, and portable toilet.  Looks like it sleeps two comfortably.   When it is folded down, the wind profile is extremely low.  That and its light weight make it very easy/economical to tow.  He pulls it with a Geo Tracker!

Westfalias at Curry Hammock

1989 Volkswagen Westfalia


Terry and Barb drive their 1989 Westfalia down from Michigan every year. It has a newer fuel injected Jeddi diesel. They are rightly proud of the fact that they get over 20 miles per highway gallon, even while pulling a small trailer for Barb’s stuff. (Terry said he has to keep his stuff in the glove compartment).  They had just added the screen room and were very happy with increasing their living space eight fold (from 10 to 80 square feet). Barb said they walk eight miles a day and I believe it, because it seemed like every time I looked out the window, I saw them walking by. You’ll also see the bicycles in the photo. They either walk or ride their bikes most of the time because once they set up camp, they don’t move for two weeks!


So, yes, they manage to have two weeks of food in the Westfalia. Terry said they drink a couple glasses of wine a night so when they waltz up to the checkout counter with seven or more bottles of wine, he just points to Barb.

19?? Westfalia


I’m not quite sure how to describe the owner of this van. Mainly because it was really a group of folks living in and around it (three couples). They were a cross between hippies and rainbow people.  A constant cloud of smoke came from their campsite and, most of the time, there was no fire. Anyway, they were always pleasant (go figure) and didn’t mind me taking pictures of the big bug.IMG_1098

The Vixen

Vixen 1

1986 Vixen

Who wouldn’t want to have their very own Vixen? I remember finding these on the Internet a few years back when I was looking for the perfect RV. This is the first time I’ve ever seen one in person. Danny and Dee are the proud owners and were kind enough to let us look her over and take a few pictures. Danny said there were only 562 of them made. This thing is just plain cool. Wide and low slung, it apparently drives like a dream and the BMW diesel delivers 30 mpg highway. Notice how the entire roof lifts up on one side. It’s hard to see in the pictures, but the floor is sunken so it was easy for me, at 6 ft. 2, to stand up inside.


The back of the Vixen


Inside looking forward