RV Museum, Elkhart, IN.


1915 Model T with 1916 telescoping apartment


Elkhart, Indiana, the home of everything RV.  Almost all the major motorhome manufacturers are located in this area, as well as service and repair facilities and specialty parts stores for that hard to find item.   Of course it is the perfect location for what else, a museum dedicated to RV’s. 

Motorhomes, travel trailers and pop-up tents dating back to the beginning of the industry in 1913  are located in the RV Museum.   It was the perfect stop on our way north.


1937 Hunt housecar


1931 Tennessee Traveler housecar


Homemade motorhome built from a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado


1970 Travco 32′ motorhome


1935 Bowlus Road Chief Trailer, predecessor to the well known Airstream




3 responses to “RV Museum, Elkhart, IN.

  1. Deb and Cliff

    Great photos!! I am so glad you guys got a chance to see it! I am hopeful that Leia is feeling better and on her way to recovery!! Can’t wait to see where you stop next!! Safe Travels Cuz’s

  2. Cool stuff! I want a Hunt Housecar!

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