Holland, MI

Saugatuck, MI

Saugatuck, MI

We’ve finally made it into Michigan and my first experience with the Great Lakes.  We spent a beautiful sunny afternoon yesterday in the charming little lakeshore  town of Saugatuck, just south of Holland, MI.    The spring flowers and lilac trees are all in bloom but unfortunately we just missed the tulips,  for which this area is famous.  

Afternoon coffee in Saugatuck

Afternoon coffee in Saugatuck


Holland Lighthouse on Lake Michigan

Big Red, Holland MI

Holland, MI State Park where the beach was gorgeous.

The beautiful sands on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Lakeshore near Holland

The lakeshore near Holland, MI.

Clear and cold - Lake Michigan

Clear and cold – Lake Michigan

In Holland we  explored Big Red,  the old lighthouse on Lake Michigan and walked on a gorgeous, sandy beach that rivals the beaches of Florida.  Little did we know that there were beaches like that on the shores of the Great Lakes.

3 responses to “Holland, MI

  1. Looks like a very picturesque, especially the bathing beauty1

  2. Love reading all of your adventures! These are great photos!

    • sunandsandtravelers

      Hi guys, it’s beautiful here, much like BC. We wanted cool weather and we got it, it will be down to 32 tonight!

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