Westfalias at Curry Hammock

1989 Volkswagen Westfalia


Terry and Barb drive their 1989 Westfalia down from Michigan every year. It has a newer fuel injected Jeddi diesel. They are rightly proud of the fact that they get over 20 miles per highway gallon, even while pulling a small trailer for Barb’s stuff. (Terry said he has to keep his stuff in the glove compartment).  They had just added the screen room and were very happy with increasing their living space eight fold (from 10 to 80 square feet). Barb said they walk eight miles a day and I believe it, because it seemed like every time I looked out the window, I saw them walking by. You’ll also see the bicycles in the photo. They either walk or ride their bikes most of the time because once they set up camp, they don’t move for two weeks!


So, yes, they manage to have two weeks of food in the Westfalia. Terry said they drink a couple glasses of wine a night so when they waltz up to the checkout counter with seven or more bottles of wine, he just points to Barb.

19?? Westfalia


I’m not quite sure how to describe the owner of this van. Mainly because it was really a group of folks living in and around it (three couples). They were a cross between hippies and rainbow people.  A constant cloud of smoke came from their campsite and, most of the time, there was no fire. Anyway, they were always pleasant (go figure) and didn’t mind me taking pictures of the big bug.IMG_1098

One response to “Westfalias at Curry Hammock

  1. Are Terry and Barb Jeddi warriors? Is the force with them?

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