Engine 447, Where are you?

While touring Pidgeon Key we, once again, heard about the no name huricane that killed over 600 people and destroyed a large portion of Flagler’s Overseas Railroad back in 1935.  A rescue train, pulled by engine 447, was sent but only made it as far as Matecumbe Key.  The following links are a great history of Flagler’s Folly and the storm.  None, however, answer the question; Where is engine 447?

Engine 447 still stands, the rest of the train was washed off the tracks by the storm surge.

The link below provides a good overview of Flagler’s dream.  It is much more realistic than the video you’ll see if you ever take the Pidgeon Key tour.  There, Flagler is almost God like.  Everything he did was for philanthropic reasons only.


This is a very thorough and well written account of the no name huricane.  It is not for the faint of heart, as you’ll see if you read through the epilog.  Still, though, it doesn’t answer what happened to old 447.


Did it end up in Mexico?


The plot thickens…




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