Banff Nat Park, Alberta, Canada


Lake Louise with fresh snow on the mountains.

So it has been almost 9 months since we completed our trip but because of internet connections in Canada I wasn’t able to complete my blog.  I’m now trying to get caught up and hopefully I will be able to remember everything!

We planned on doing our border crossing at Roosville, BC on Canada Day, July 1 in the middle of the Canadian three day long week-end  and wondered how heavy the traffic would be at the border.  The further north we traveled, the narrower the roads got and the traffic disappeared until we arrived at the border and we were the only ones in line.  What a glorious sight.    Five minutes and a few cursory questions later and our little convoy of 3 motorhomes was across.    A nice painless experience.    Then the scenic drive north through the beautiful Kooteney Rockies in British Columbia towards Banff, Alberta, where we had our first grizzly bear sighting.     We were all staying at Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court which is the Banff National Park Service full hook-up campground.  It was our base for 4 nights and we did our exploring from there.


Lake Louise


Our travelling buddies, Connie, Dottie & David.


A cool morning with fresh snow even at the beginning of July.


The unbelievable colors of Moraine Lake in Banff NP.


View from the outdoor terrace at the Banff Springs Hotel


The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, where Leonard and David were lucky enough to play a round of golf.


Daily visitors at Tunnel Mountain Campground in Banff NP.


Downtown Banff nestled in the mountains.

4 responses to “Banff Nat Park, Alberta, Canada

  1. michael chernoby

    Hi Now this post explained it.  I had read the other two posts first and couldn’t figure out how you could you could be there so early in the year. I thought global warming really hit Canada. 

    • sunandsandtravelers

      That’s very funny but actually I am on Vancouver Island right now attending to family business and it is gorgeous. Mid 70’s and no hint of rain. The RV’ers are out in full force. As you will read later on in my blog, perhaps the spring time is the best time to travel on the West Coast. So good to hear from you Michael, I think of you often.

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