Virginia City and Nevada City, MT


Ennis RV Village

After leaving Warren Bridge we met up with friends Audrey and Ken whom we met last year while camping in Grand Teton NP.  They are now summer residents in the cute little town of Ennis, MT on the west side of Yellowstone.  It was great to get caught up on travels adventures over the past year and they showed us around the region including a trip up to the nearby historic towns of Virginia City and Nevada City.  Virginia City, the former Montana state capital,  has been designated a National Historic Landmark District, and was as a gold rush boom town.   Many of the original structures remain and are open for viewing.  Nevada City, only a few miles away retains some of its original buildings but over 108 others have been moved to the area from nearby, creating a large outdoor living history museum.



An hotel with superior amenities!



What a concept, a two story outhouse!


How about a beautiful cactus garden on your roof?

Nevada City is also home to North America’s largest collection of automated music machines and many still function.    It was fun to put the quarters in the slot and watch them go into action (and hear them at the other end of town).


One of the beautiful automated music machines, many were of European origin.


Leonard loved all these instruments which were in beautiful condition and working order.


A poster in the Dr’s office.  If only I had known it was that easy to lose weight!


One of the fox kits in a field near our campground.  Notice his siblings ears in the foreground.


I had to include a picture of this beautiful yellow headed blackbird because we never see these .

3 responses to “Virginia City and Nevada City, MT

  1. Nevada City looks more interesting, and shinier, than Virginia City. A double decker outhouse? I cannot think which is worse, the stink rising, or the pee dripping!

    • sunandsandtravelers

      I would think you would want to be on the top one and get in and out quickly. Of course it was probably so cold you didn’t dawdle.

  2. I did not think about Winter… less decay, more frozen urine. Still, it’s a too-up!

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