The Homemade Harbor Freight Camper

  If you ever wanted to build yourself a decent, hard-sided camper trailer, for under $1000, then check this out.

Note the "Slide Out"

Note the “Slide Out”

It is based on this trailer.  He had a number tips about the building process.  Putting bubble levels around the trailer and using the stands are apparently crucial during initial construction and later when setting up  for camping.  This is due to flexing of the trailer.  You can see his solar heated hot water tank (the blue jug wrapped in plastic).  Also note the solar panels behind the trailer.


The Inside

It has all the amenities, including a shower, sink, and portable toilet.  Looks like it sleeps two comfortably.   When it is folded down, the wind profile is extremely low.  That and its light weight make it very easy/economical to tow.  He pulls it with a Geo Tracker!

2 responses to “The Homemade Harbor Freight Camper

  1. Whoopee! Another I/URV! And complete with bump-out. Whatta you know… can he provide measured drawings? Cheers

    • sunandsandtravelers

      He was a little looped, something about his usual half bottle of wine having no effect out there in the wilderness….he was mistaken. Anyway he was very proud of his creation, but we didn’t get any measurements. You’ll have to create your own.

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