Brush with the Law

We had just returned to Moab after a full day of adventure in Arches National Park. It was around 5 in the afternoon, overcast skies and about 72 degrees. Being mighty hungry and parched, we decided to stop in at the Moab Brewery. Laia was with us but had to stay in the Jeep as they didn’t allow dogs in this restaurant.  The Jeep windows were open a tad and she had plenty of water available. We were seated at a table facing the parking lot and had a partial view of the Jeep (fortunately, as you’ll see). I ordered a beer and Jean, a margarita. As we waited for our drinks and starting looking at the menu, both of us noticed this short, stocky woman with long frizzy grey hair. She was probably in her mid to late sixties and looked like an old hippy. Our drinks arrived, we took a few sips (gulps for me),  and were still looking at the extensive menu when we noticed hippy lady go out and get into her truck (which was parked in front of our Jeep). Shortly after that, she got back out and walked around the Jeep. We knew something was going on, so I went outside to see what she was up to. As soon as she saw me she said, “Is this your Jeep? You need to get that dog out of there NOW. It’s a good thing you showed up I was about to break your fucking window! I’ve already called the police and am getting ready to call animal control” I calmly said, “I appreciate your concern but I’m sure the dog is fine, we’re from Florida, we know about hot cars and it’s just not hot outside today, she’s fine.”

Her; “If you don’t let that dog out of there right now I’m going to break your fucking window and let her out, can’t you hear her whining?”

Me: “The dog is whining because we’re standing right here.”

About that time I noticed my license plate was bent. I asked her if she did it and she said, “Yes, I was trying to let the dog out and was about to break the fucking window, etc, etc,”

Hoping to calm her down, I opened the door to the Jeep and, of course, Laia was fine. She asked me what I was going to do now and I said I was going to go back and have my dinner. Not what she wanted to hear! As she was now getting into her truck she starting on her tirade again, with plenty of F bombs sprinkled in, telling me to go back to F’n Florida and that she was going to break my windows if I leave the dog in the car. (We had a bit of an audience by then, as you can imagine).

About that time the police arrived, along with animal control. I was glad, by then, my beer was getting warm and this witch was starting to get on my nerves.

In the meantime, Jean is sitting in the resteraunt watching all this unfold. The waitress is telling her that is against the law to leave your dog in the car in Utah. She’s thinking I might be arrested, the dog might be impounded, you know, all the bad things that can run through your mind. Finally, she asked the waitress if she could leave to see what was going on. (She didn’t have any money on her).

The policeman asked for ID and my side of the story. Meanwhile, the animal control officer did the same of Crazy Moab Lady. Shortly after that, the policeman went over to interview her and the animal control officer came to talk with me. Using a laser thermometer, he checked the interior temperature. It was only 80 degrees in there.  He noticed the water and the slightly opened windows. He said everything was fine. I was never worried.

Next, the police officer came over and asked if I’d like to press charges (which surprised me a bit). I said no thanks, I just want to get her out of my hair.

Finally, it was over. She drove away.

We finished our drinks, but didn’t feel like staying. A meal to go was ordered.  The evening ended with a fabulous meal and Laia at our feet, in the comfort of our home on wheels.

As an aside, (thanks to a good friend who did some research on it):

He checked online and could find no statewide law for Utah.
Here are a couple of links:
As to Grand County:
Chapter 6.16, section B, number 7 –

7. No person shall leave an animal inside a hot automobile in hot weather sufficient to cause suffering or death to such animal. (Ord. 129 Art. VIII, 1977)


9 responses to “Brush with the Law

  1. I am pleased you chose to tell this story. It is a useful parable for all who travel with canines. As for the old ‘hippie’… we’re not all that difficult… well…

  2. Too bad about the incident. We had a great meal at the MB. Did you try the Scorpion Pale Ale? I still have coasters from the place. Also had great BBQ at the Blu Pig on the south end of town.

  3. 007 is on his way to be Laia’s bodyguard !! Woof-Woof

  4. Matthew John Fields

    Laia’s probably has brain damage from her brain boiling in that hot jeep. How can you sleep at night, animal abuser!?!??!

  5. These are the stories that help to make it a very memorable trip!

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