St Charles, Missouri

St Charles founded in 1769

St Charles – founded in 1769

We’ve officially made it to the western half of the US,  having crossed the Mississippi at St Louis, Missouri.    Originally, we had high hopes of going downtown to see the famous St Louis Arch, but major road construction in that area made us rethink that plan and just see it from a distance.

We decided to settle for the night in historic St Charles, located about 20 miles west of St Louis.   We had been driving through some thunderstorms and had no sooner settled into our campsite when sirens went off everywhere around us and my phone began alerting us that there was a tornado warning in the immediate area and to take shelter immediately.  We didn’t even know where a good shelter spot was, so we stayed put and watched other campers who didn’t seem to be particularly concerned.  Eventually it passed and the sirens stopped, but it was a first time experience for me and a little scary.

The sun came out and we went down to historic St Charles, which was founded in 1769 by French Canadian Louis Blanchette.   We found lots of things to explore in this lovely little town.   First and foremost on our minds was getting some famous St Louis BBQ, and we found just the right spot.    Hendricks BBQ and the lower level Moonshine Blues Bar were amazing.  For aficionados their selection of moonshines and whiskies was awesome.   (Will, you would love it here.)

We couldn’t stay there forever so we waddled out to wander around and see some more of the town in the evening light.  This is the site of the Rendezvous Point of the Lewis and Clark expedition and there is a boathouse with reproduction boats used during the expedition.   Missouri’s first state capital building is also in St Charles and there is a lovely park running the length of the town alongside the fast flowing Missouri River.  The historic town is very cute and is over 12 blocks long with lots of great restaurants along the way.

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All in all a great place to spend an afternoon and evening.  We didn’t get to see downtown St Louis so we will have to come back and definitely get some more of that famous BBQ!

4 responses to “St Charles, Missouri

  1. Very cool. History in Missouri… who would have thought?
    Hwo were those spirits… did you try moonshine?

  2. If you want BBQ, stop in Kansas City for some really good and famous BBQ. Also, Leonard, the Jazz Hall of Fame in the Jazz District and Negro Hall of Fame. its all in one place near 18th and Vine.

    • sunandsandtravelers

      Yes, we’ve already figured out that we need to come back to this area. There’s much more left to see and do and of course we could get the very best advice from you on where that BBQ is!

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