Rochester, Minnesota

One of our big goals for this trip has been met and 1725 miles later we have  made it to Rochester and even have a day to spare.   We pulled in yesterday about noon after spending the night at a Corp of Engineering (COE) campground on a dam at Lake Coralville in Iowa City, Iowa.  

My appt isn’t until tomorrow and we are going to spend today taking care of business;  restock provisions, laundry, wash Trixie and get new tires all around for Trixie.  We ended up having 2 tires go bad on us on the way here, even though they were only 3 years old with minimal wear.  We never had a flat or blowout but had tread separation issues and consequently we have lost all confidence in these BF Goodrich tires and are going to replace the remaining four so that we don’t have any further worries.    We were just glad to make it here in time.

From here we begin to head due west on I 90 with our next big stop in Custer State Park, SD.  Can’t wait.

2 responses to “Rochester, Minnesota

  1. Wow! Were six new tires an expense you were anticipating?
    What was the COE campground like?
    Good luck in Rochester.

    • sunandsandtravelers

      No we weren’t planning on doing this. If anyone asks us what souvenirs we brought back from our trip we can say “6 new tires”! Oh well better that than a blowout.
      The COE campground was great, we had been wanting to try one. 180 campsites, playground for kids, beach and beach volleyball, boat ramp, etc, all for $10 with Leonard’s Access pass.

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