Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming

Devils Tower National Monument

We arrived here yesterday after a short journey from Custer SP.  We were intending to visit for just a few hours and then carry on, but there is a gorgeous KOA campground right at the entrance to the Park that was calling our name, so  we decided to stay for the night.    The view is unparalleled, the weather incredible and we like it here so much that we’re going to stay for another night.

IMG_2507We did the 1.3 mile loop trail around the base of the Tower yesterday and were met with great views every few feet.  The thing that has surprised us both is how lush and green it is here.  There are the tall pines, IMG_2510 aspen and vast grassy areas surrounding the Tower.   We were both under the impression that the Tower was a large monolith located in a dry, arid region somewhat like Ayers Rock in Australia.  It’s nice to be met with the scent of pine instead of dust.



The next destination on our journey was intended to be Glacier National Park, but they just received a freak June snowstorm which dumped up to 2 feet of snow in the higher elevations and flooding in the lower elevations has the campgrounds closed.      We don’t want to go anywhere near there until all the roads are open and things have dried out.  This has caused us to do a major course correction.  We’re now going to head directly west, over to Washington State and up to Vancouver Island from there.  We’ll do our loop in reverse and I suspect more changes are to come.  That’s the good part about not having reservations, we can just take it one day at a time.


7 responses to “Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming

  1. Lovely views and a glorious banner.

  2. Matthew John Fields

    Oh myyyyyyyyyyyy. Envy is an understatement. Great shots Caton’s

  3. On on. We’re following your every move. Hope you have a good impression of Billings.

    • sunandsandtravelers

      Enjoyed a good IPA at a microbrewery and thought of you. We’re on our way to Missoula tonight.

  4. Amazing Pictures! Let us know the new approximate dates you’ll be in the area so we can try to meet up.

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