White Pocket – Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

White Pocket

White Pocket

Our second foray into the wilderness was to investigate an area known as White Pocket.   Excursions to this particular region come with dire warnings about the severity of the landscape and the extremely deep sand.  We knew this prior to coming and bought extra gear, including tire deflators, inflators, 5 gallon water containers, shovels and something known as sand rails that we could put under the tires if we got stuck in the sand.

IMG_1587_1We set off early in the morning, armed with a topo map on Leonard’s phone and a GPS track that someone else had uploaded to the internet.   Then we started to encounter the thick sand that had been written about.   After all my planning, I started to have second thoughts.  Were we in over our heads?    I actually thought maybe we should turn around, but Leonard and our friend Mike had cooler heads and wanted to give it a go.

Leonard did a superb job with driving, we didn’t come close to getting stuck and went straight to our destination.  Wow, was it worth it.  One on the most incredible places I’ve ever been.


This one looked like a Ram’s head

IMG_1281_1 IMG_1273 IMG_1270 IMG_1268 IMG_1289


2 responses to “White Pocket – Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

  1. Matthew John Fields


  2. It looks like Mars… by the way, that flower is Mule’s Ears (Wyethia scabra).

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