Capital Reef National Park

Scenic Byway 12 to Capital Reef

Scenic Byway 12 to Capital Reef

We found a gem of a little RV park called Wonderland RV Park here in Torrey, Utah just outside of Capital Reef.    It actually has lots of green grass, something we have seen very little of since we’ve arrived in southern Utah.   I had no

Driving on the top of a ridge with steep drop offs on both sides

Driving on the top of a ridge with steep drop offs on both sides

idea this part of the country was so windy, it comes up almost every afternoon and as a result there is blowing dust everywhere, so the green grass was a welcome sight.   

Capital Reef National Park

Capital Reef National Park


This southern part of Utah is also very sparsely populated and even though it is a major tourist corridor we are often the only ones on the roads.   We haven’t been in a real grocery store in weeks (they just aren’t around, just small convenience store type places) and we’ve even had instances where the gas stations were out of gas.   You learn to stock up when you can, or drive 20 miles one way to get supplies, like we did today.    We get to see a lot of rural Mormon towns that way.

'The Castle' - Capital Reef NP

‘The Castle’ – Capital Reef NP

Although there may not be any grocery stores, Torrey does have an amazing restaurant that could be rated as a foodie destination.  It is a southwestern restaurant called Cafe Diablo that  Clay told us about.  We went there for dinner last night and enjoyed it so much that we went back for lunch today.  (You have to take advantage of these places when you find them).


Tomorrow we’re going to head for the mountains of Colorado.  There are 4 wheel trails and new sights there just calling our names.

2 responses to “Capital Reef National Park

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed Cafe Diablo. Other than the NP, there isn’t a whole lot do near Torrey. I’m just sorry you were too early to pick apples! Your “Capitol Reef National Park” image is beautiful.

    • sunandsandtravelers

      I wonder how many apples are left after the deer get finished with the trees. We saw deer everywhere and they were pretty much fearless.

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