Ghost towns of Ironton and Animas Forks, CO

The mountains of Colorado are peppered with old gold and silver mines, and remnants of towns or just decaying buildings can be found throughout the mountain sides.  It is astonishing how far isolated some of them are, and it’s hard to really comprehend what life must have been like for them back in the late 1800’s when these towns were thriving.    It can be cold here even in the summer,  I can’t imagine being here in the winter or having a baby here in a cabin or even in a tent, as some of these women did.

Ironton, CO

Ironton, CO



Bay window house-Animas Forks, CO

Bay window house-Animas Forks, CO

A glowing seat

A glowing seat


Gustavson House


Remnants of original wallpaper

Remnants of the mine

View from front porch toward remnants of old mine


Mountain beauty

Mountain beauty

5 responses to “Ghost towns of Ironton and Animas Forks, CO

  1. Digging for richness when it was all around them… Mountain beauty, yes, but what is the flower???

  2. Matthew John Fields

    It is amazing that those cool houses and buildings never fell victim to a wild fire over the years. I love the one with the bay window!! And the ‘glowing seat’ pic…..WHO DOES #2 WORK FOR?!?!?!!!!

  3. Love this blog! What a wonderful adventure you two are on! I love your photography! Jean, you need to start painting from these! They’re beautiful! So glad you shared this with us.

    • sunandsandtravelers

      Thanks Judy, you lit a fire that was smoldering in me and I set up a small work space when we got back. It’s been fun playing with it and seeing what I can create. Hope you guys are warm this cold winter.

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