The Adventure Begins


We're ready, let the adventure begin!

We’re ready, let the adventure begin!

The time has arrived and we have finally departed on the biggest RV trip we have ever undertaken.   We are going to drive from Central Florida to northern British Columbia and back.    Our ultimate goal will be to not only visit friends and family, but to also take our time and explore our surroundings, because for us it is not just about the destination, but also the journey.  

Our first day ended with us about 90 miles north of Savannah at Colleton State Park in South Carolina.  From there we traveled up into the mountains of North Carolina where we are staying in a lovely little RV park just north of Ashville, called Campfire Lodging.  It is on the side of a mountain with a view of the French Broad River below.  The temperature has dropped about 15 degrees, the humidity is gone and the honeysuckle are in full bloom all around us.     Yessss, this is why we left Florida in the summer!!!!!!

We’re planning on staying here for another 2 days exploring Ashville and the surrounding area before we move on.


Campfire Lodging overlooking the French Broad River

Campfire Lodging overlooking the French Broad River

8 responses to “The Adventure Begins

  1. Hey Guys!

    We are so envious! We will probably never have an opportunity to do the kind grey nomadery you do. Hope you have a lot fun times along the way. We’ll be following your movements with the world famous Locatonator. What’s your proposed route to BC? Had a look at the beautiful Campfire Lodgings. Impressive. I notice you’re not far from the Bavarian Restaurant and Biergarten. Hope you had a chance to drop by. Mmmm, schweinshaxn!

    Not much to report from down here. Just looking forward to our trip to the US in September. We should rock up in Orlando Sunday Sept 28th after landing in Miami that morning on the Carnival Conquest.

    I’m off to Brisbane for a week tomorrow morning. Got some calibrations and repairs to make on my two stations there. Our contract will be up for rebid next year. Current end date is November 30, 2015. I just hope we win and I can hold on to my job with LM till my 70th birthday in 2016, approximately 412 working days from now.

    Winter is yet to arrive here. We have had some rain but mostly mild sunny days in the mid-twenties and nights still in the high teens. Climate change. Looks like El Niño is on his way too. We have a big crop of broad beans and rocket coming up in the winter garden. All the chilies are finished for the year and we made some killer Habañero sauce yesterday. Got about 1.5L out of 20 peppers. That should see us through winter.

    Have fun, stay safe and keep us posted.

    BTW, I have discovered some great bluegrass music. You should download The Common Linnets. Their album was recorded in Nashville and features “The Calm After the Storm,” the song that came in 2nd in the Eurovision song contest. Best Dutch bluegrass I have ever heard.



    • sunandsandtravelers

      Didn’t make it to the Bavarian Restaurant, it looked like we may have gotten a fatal disease if we ate there, but there are many other great restaurants in this area to discover. Can’t wait to see you.

  2. Nice spot. The vine amidst the brambles is Japanese Honeysuckle. And not to spoil your enjoyment of the cool mountain air… but the predicted highs here for the next few days are in the mid-80s – uncommonly good this time of year!

  3. Hi guys,
    Sounds like a great adventure is beginning. Have fun and explore all the good sights along the way. Be sure to visit Mt. Ranier if you are anywhere near close, and if you get to Vancouver Island, visit Buchart (sp) Gardens those were are favorites when we journeyed to the great NW. We are planning on going to our cabin next week, wish you were there!
    Jerry & Linda

    • sunandsandtravelers

      Thanks for the tips, there are so many great places out there and we are going to try our best to see as much as we can. Have a great summer.

  4. Sounds like and incredible trip. Glad we can travel with you vicariously!

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