Cars, Camping and China in North Carolina


1967 TR 4

We’ve been able to accomplish a multitude of activities in the last few days, all in the same general area of North Carolina.   We went to inspect a 1967 TR4 that my uncle is interested in purchasing and Leonard spent a couple of hours giving it a thorough going over.    I used the time to wander the grounds of the Jones Family farm and talk with the owner’s son,  who has turned the land into the only organic farm in his county.  He is getting ready to turn a profit after only 3 years and his demand is exceeding his supply.  When we were ready to leave he gave us two huge bags of fresh organic produce.  What an enjoyable morning.

If Finn doesn't want it, we'll take it!

If Finn doesn’t want it, we’ll take it!

After checking out the car we relocated to the Jordan Lake Recreation Area near Raleigh and were joined for the weekend by Leonard’s cousin Ed, his wife Jacque and their children Ben, Anna & Leah.    The kids and dogs swam and played in the water for hours and we spent hours chatting and getting caught up.  They were a very pooped group when they pulled away on Sunday evening.


Boy, did that fish put up a fight!  Not!!!

Boy, did that fish put up a fight! Not!!!

This morning we had an appointment to sell some china.   It was a sad day, but for years I had been thinking of selling the china I had been collecting since I was about 13.  I never use it and now it is taking up space that I don’t have.  I found a place that buys china and collectables and decided to deliver it to them.  What an amazing place, a huge warehouse absolutely full of china, crystal, and silver.  They have a large seller’s area where you arrive and they begin inspecting your china.  During that time you are free to wander around their showroom where some of the grandest pieces are being displayed.  It was beautiful and worth a visit even if you’re not there to sell.   I had mixed feelings when I got the check but remained firm and hopefully someone else will enjoy it and use it more than I did.

7 responses to “Cars, Camping and China in North Carolina

  1. I’m not seeing a post.

  2. It was sooooo good to see you guys! Thanks for taking the time to swing our direction. What a much needed mini getaway!!

  3. Looks like great fun at the lake, especially for Laia.
    A TR4? You don’t have room in the carport. You’ll have to give up the Lexus…

    • sunandsandtravelers

      Oh, I think we would find room for that car but unfortunately I don’t think that is a decision we will have to make. I think it’s spoken for.

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