Lunenburg, NS


Lunenburg, NS

Picturesque Lunenburg, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site,  lies nestled  on the southern shore of Nova Scotia.  Begun in 1752 it is the best example of a planned British colonial settlement in Canada.  Originally settled by farmers who could not farm this rocky terrain they learned fishing and became excellent shipbuilders and over the years the town prospered.   This is reflected in the fine architecture that has been completely preserved in the historic center of the town,  albeit it is certainly much more colorful now than it had been originally.   Crayola colors have been applied to some of the houses that give the town a jewel like appearance.  

The municipality of Lunenburg runs a city campground on the top of a hill overlooking the historic center of the town.  We spent 5 nights there and made it our mission to explore every street of this marvelous town, walking two streets every morning and two different streets in the evening.  That made it possible to see all the town and get our exercise at the same time.


The colorful town of Lunenburg as seen from the golf course across the water


The Lunenburg Academy, the town school.  Beautiful and also rather eerie, it was in use until 2 years ago and is surrounded by a large graveyard


St John’s Anglican Church founded in 1753



 Cute fishing motif adorn the street poles



Part of the Lunenburg harbour

One of our favorite times on our trip thus far was when we drove to the little community of Blue Rocks, about 8 km from Lunenburg and met with Carl the owner of Pleasant Paddling.  He took us and one other boat on a 4 hour paddle through a maze of islands accessible only by kayak. We stopped for a brief lunch and then paddled near a seal colony situated on a rocky outcrop, where a few brave ones came out to get a closer look at us.   By then the wind had come up and the boats were rocking, so no good pictures and a hard paddle back to the shelter of the rocks.  It was a fabulous morning and we thoroughly recommend this trip to everyone.  He had shorter trips than ours and no kayaking experience is necessary.


The waters of Nova Scotia are crystal clear, just like the springs in Florida


A narrow passage accessible only at high tide

IMG_5894 (2)


Blue Rocks, NS



Also near Lunenburg is the little village of Mahone Bay,  famous for having three beautiful heritage churches located in a row at water’s edge.


One of the three beautiful heritage churches of Mahone Bay, circa 1887.


We decided to spend our last evening aboard the 48 foot sailboat Eastern Star, which took us a 2 hour sunset cruise.  It was the perfect way to end our stay in this great little town.


Battery Point Breakwater


A brisk wind and the boat was heeled over with everybody hanging on.  The first mate encouraged people to dip their toes in the Atlantic and Leonard decided to take him up on it. Many soon followed and eventually got wet as the boat went even further on her side.


6 responses to “Lunenburg, NS

  1. And the fun continues! Wow! Those are some eye-popping colors. You could bring it to your neighborhood…
    You keep visiting so many ‘quaint’ ‘old-world’ locations, that it makes me wonder if Halifax looks more ‘American’. I would be disappointed if it did.
    You haven’t mentioned the culinary aspect of the trip. Have you eaten out much?
    And, finally, a picture of Jean… even though it’s posed (I’m still waiting for that meditative shot).

    • sunandsandtravelers

      I don’t think those colors would be appreciated in too many neighborhoods!
      Halifax was not as well preserved as the small towns, lots of new construction and apt buildings, which is good for them I guess.
      And yes, we have had some wonderful meals out, always local seafood which has been exceptional.
      You’ll have to wait for a meditative shot!

  2. Hope you’re having fun! You are our favorite Sunbirds (when it gets too cold in Canada the Canadians fly to Florida, and when it gets too hot for Floridians, they flock to Canada). Lovin’ your posts Jeanie.

    • sunandsandtravelers

      Sunbirds…that’s it! We have been trying to figure out what we are and no one has come up with a good name. All I know is we are reverse migration snowbirds, aka, sunbirds. Thanks Will.

  3. Michael Chernoby

    Maybe I will log in this time since it seems my past comments are not here. I had asked if you were going to try any kayaking in Lunenburg and there you are. Beautiful pictures and just brilliant colors. That looks like just the perfect place to be spending this sweltering summer. Maybe next summer I will make the trip.

    • sunandsandtravelers

      Sorry Mike, we didn’t see any previous comments from you, I don’t know why. This is the perfect getaway, the people are very welcoming and with the exchange rate Canada is on sale eh!

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