Up, Down and Around Red Lodge


We spent our last few days in Red Lodge exploring some nearby towns and some of the 4 wheel drive roads up into the mountains.   Here are a few photos of some of the sights along the way.


Glacier Lake Trail.


Glacier Lake Trail


Glacier Lake Trail


This looked like a great place to stop especially on a cold Montana day but we had Laia with us.


Had to stop to get a better look at the sign on this Saloon.


Gosh darn, we’re going to miss it!


Here we have some gas pumps warming themselves by an open fire!



The Beartooth Pass seen from across the canyon on the Hellroaring Plateau Trail.


The Hellroaring Plateau Trail which reaches the same elevation as the Beartooth Pass but in half the distance. It started snowing along the way.


Couldn’t reach the top but not for lack of trying. Luckily Steve was there to pull him out!

Leonard has put together a video of his trip up Hellroaring Plateau.  It can be viewed by clicking here.

4 responses to “Up, Down and Around Red Lodge

  1. I don’t like the looks of the Hellroaring Plateau Trail… for a couple reasons. The Glacier Lake Trail looks, all round, more inviting. And… I could pass up the testicle festival… but not a Grizzly Bar!

  2. Michael Chernoby

    Is that a 58 Olds at the Laurleaf? That would be a great birthday present. I don’t see the old Jeep. Has there been an upgrade? The trail looks like fun. A great part of climbing the mountains is always the surprise of what around the corner, views and weather. I have heard for years that Yellowstone is about to blow, but did you get to feel the shake today?

    • sunandsandtravelers

      Apparently there have been numerous small earthquakes since we’ve been here but we haven’t noticed them. Don’t want to be here for the big one! Alas, the Jeep was showing her age and we needed something more reliable for those back country treks, so we have the truck now. And no, no birthday present there, just an admiring glance. He says it was a Buick.

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