Red Canyon – Dixie National Forest

Red Canyon Campground in the Dixie National Forest

Red Canyon Campground in the Dixie National Forest

Red Canyon hiking

Red Canyon hiking


Laia leads the way


Jean and Laia's version of Angel's Landing

Jean and Laia’s version of Angel’s Landing

A trail above our campground

A trail above our campground

Minature arch - only 8 inches high!

Miniature arch – only 8 inches high!

Our home after Zion was the Red Canyon Campground in the Dixie National Forest.   This was a great National Forest campground with water, flush toilets and hot showers.   The sites were large, with tall pine trees providing shade, stupendous views and all for the low price of only $15 night.  Hard to beat.   

There are numerous dog friendly hiking trails all near the campground and the Red Canyon Visitor Center, as well as  a long bicycle trail that ran parallel with the road. It would be a great place to ride, with scenery similar to Bryce Canyon, and we saw many organizations like Backroads providing support for vanloads of bikers.

4 responses to “Red Canyon – Dixie National Forest

  1. This looks like a very beautiful location. I cannot believe I have passed by at least twice without stopping in. The view from your pull-in looks lovely. Enjoy the mild weather in that area while you can. I know down the road you will be in warmer places. I am afraid you will need serious acclimatization when you return home to humid days in the mid-90s. Cheers!

    • sunandsandtravelers

      Yes, I’m sure the humidity will be a shock but my eyes and nose will love it. The wind has kicked back up today and the humidity is a shocking 5%. I didn’t know it could be that low!!!

  2. Wow guys it looks like you’re having an amazing time! You’re doing a wonderful job with the blog and photos. The whole fam has been following. Blake took the job in Denver and I’m here house hunting this week. Total culture shock! Call Blake if you head back this way and you can meet up. I’ll prob see you back in Orlando.
    BTW The Dog Oklahoma episodes are the next 2 Sundays. Don’t know if our story will air or not but always good for entertainment!
    Take care,

    • sunandsandtravelers

      Yes, we’ve been thinking of you guys and will give Blake a call when we get closer. Hopefully you will be there as well.

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