Boothbay Harbor, Maine


img_2393-2The Boothbay Harbor Region is located in the most picturesque part of coastal Maine, with deep coves and small villages dotting the area.  Fishing is still the main industry and cute seafood restaurants seem to be in every small harbor.  Artists have now discovered the area and so along with the good food there are hundreds of various types of galleries to visit.  The 9 days that we spent there gave us a good idea of the region but there was still lots of unexplored territory and beautiful galleries to visit.  

img_2396We had the good fortune to be joined by our friends Monique and Michel who rode their Goldwing down from Ottawa to join us for a week-end.  It was fantastic to see them again and the time went by much too quickly.  After dinner out the first night we decided to become adventurous and cook our very own ‘lobsta supper’.   We had learned from the master, Walt, in PEI and decided to share our wealth, ha ha, with Monique and Michel who were game, as they have some frozen lobster at home and are not sure how to prepare it.


That rascal was trying to get away!!  Michel looks concerned.


Now Monique’s looking a little scared


We all used our new-found skills and attacked with gusto.  It was a success.  Thanks Walt!


Too soon they had to leave for the long ride home.  It was great fun.


Some of the beautiful scenery of the Boothbay Region


A manually operated rotating bridge, the only remaining one north of Cape Cod 


Boothbay Harbor


A beautiful cove at low tide


Fill er up and a lobster roll please!  The lobster roll was delicious.


Ram Island Light on the way out to Cabbage Island

While we were in Boothbay we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.   We weren’t sure how to spend that day and then heard about the Cabbage Island Clambake, a 4 hour excursion that takes you on a boat past beautiful scenic areas to a private island where they have a  clambake.  Reservations are a must and unbeknownst to us this was their last week-end of the season, but our luck was with us and we got tickets and perfect weather.


The Bennie Alice named after the 95-year-old matriarch of the family who still runs the gift shop


Potatoes, corn, eggs, onions, clams and lobster baking under seaweed and wrapped in tarps

In the early days the egg was used as a timer.  When the egg was done the rest of the food was done.  The onion was included because Mama liked it.  The whole meal also included a starter of seafood chowder and finished with a huge piece of blueberry cake.  Whew.


The unveiling and cooling of the lobsters and clams


Our 30th anniversary!


No one goes away hungry from here.  Also included was seafood chowder and blueberry cake for dessert!


The ruins of Ft William Henry – a British fort from 1692, in New Harbor Maine


Pemaquid Point Lighthouse


Pemaquid Point

2 responses to “Boothbay Harbor, Maine

  1. Huh. I used to have your anniversary on my radar… don’t know what happened, but congratulations!
    It seems as though there are no ugly landscapes in Maine.
    By the way, Leonard looks more anxious than Monique or Michel.
    Are you eating your way home?
    Don’t roll in too quickly. Although we haven’t had any really extraordinary tropical weather in Central Florida (although I’m sure Panhandle residents would disagree), little nuisances continue to crop up, and the humidity is still uncomfortable.
    Good to see you’re still out there… somewhere.

    • sunandsandtravelers

      LOL, it does look like we are eating our way home, doesn’t it! We had to take advantage of the fresh seafood while we could. Once we leave Maine that will be the end if it.
      And yes, Leonard did look a little worried handling that lobster. They’re very squirmy and one drew blood on Walt’s finger!

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