Another Summer, Another Adventure


The pilot, co-pilot and navigator are all ready!

Our 2017 summer travel plans had us leaving Florida just as the heat was nearing triple digits in late May.   Florida was in a severe drought when we left and there were wildfires all across the state.   Eventually the rains will come and with them the stifling humidity so our plans are fairly loose – head to the Rocky Mountains, primarily Montana, Wyoming and Colorado seeking cool mountain air and fresh cold streams.

The first stop on our journey was to visit our friends Jerry, Linda and Ben, who live in a fly in community near Live Oak in north Florida.  We were treated to our own private airshow in the morning as some of the homeowners took to the air in their vintage airplanes.  We took a tour of several of Jerry’s neighbors hangers to gawk at the restorations underway there.  These people are amazingly talented and were very warm and hospitable, even offering to let Leonard fly their old planes.  It was too short of a visit but we will return again soon.IMG_20170529_110209443IMG_20170529_122653169_HDRIMG_20170529_113104002_HDR

Our trip took us right through St Louis where we discovered an RV park located downtown called St Louis RV park.  Basically it is a parking lot with full hook-ups but it is conveniently located to the city center.  We walked down to the Arch which at 630 ft was much larger than we thought it was going to be and promptly signed up for a tour to go to the top.    Neither of us gave much thought as to how we were going to get up there until we saw the little pod like cars that carry you up.  What an experience and not for the claustrophobic.    It was like an enclosed ferris wheel because it pivots and rocks as it goes around the curve of the arch. Once up there the windows were small and rectangular and you had to lean on your belly to look out onto the Mississippi below.  We were told the Arch will sway in the wind, up to 7 inches, which luckily we didn’t have to experience first hand.  IMG_6244IMG_6242IMG_6235IMG_20170601_170950637IMG_20170601_170640441IMG_20170601_170626068_HDR

We also went to visit the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, famous for its interior composed entirely of marble and glass mosaics.  Over 41 million pieces of glass in 7000 colors cover almost every square inch of the interior of this huge Cathedral.  It was beautiful and was hard to capture on a photo because of the size.


After a few days in Minnesota we are ready to continue our journey.  Let the fun begin!

13 responses to “Another Summer, Another Adventure

  1. What beautiful sites. Some things we need to see. We are so excited to see where your travels take you.

    • sunandsandtravelers

      Can’t wait to see what’s out there and meet up with our good friends along the way! See you soon.

  2. Michael Chernoby

    Good start to the trip already.

  3. Ooooo… Spirit (Plane and Catheral), yes… Arch, definitely no…
    You give that dog way to much control!

    • sunandsandtravelers

      You wouldn’t go up there? I’m surprised. I think it was scarier looking up at it from the bottom. Laia only drove when there wasn’t much traffic!

  4. We’re not far behind. See y’all in Cody. Happy trails padhners!

  5. Terry and Karen

    really enjoyed meeting both of you, stop by on your way back , great job on the guitar

    • sunandsandtravelers

      As we so recently heard “you never know who’s going to be parked next door.” It was a pleasure and we will be sure to look you up when we pass through again. The same goes for us.

  6. Hey Leonard and Jeanie beanie,
    Looks like you are making every day count. That arch is something huh!!
    We are really excited about seeing you soon😀 Hope all goes well at the mayo xx
    Love Allie xx

  7. Norman Wallace

    Nice blog, glad to hear you are having a great time. Tell Laia, who is definitely one of my favorite people to keep the pedal to the metal. Have a great trip, catch you in Fl. if not somewhere on the road. Norm and Marisol.

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