Little Bighorn Battlefield and Billings, Montana



On our way to meet up with friends in Billings we stopped for the night at the 7th Ranch RV Park on the Crow Agency, adjacent to Little Bighorn Battlefield.   The RV park was a wonderful respite from the wind which we battled once again and we arrived in time to tour the Battleground and visitor center that evening.

The soldiers and Indians who died at Custer’s Last Stand, now known as the Battle of Little Bighorn, are memorialized here.  263 soldiers died during the battle and white marble tombstones dot the battlefield to mark the spots where their bodies fell, with brown granite tombstones for the Indians.   The visitor center did a great job with offering a well balanced description of the event.



There was a beautiful National Cemetery on the Battlefield as well

After we left the Battlefield we continued on to Billings where we met up with our old friends Steve and Diana who are spending the summer here.  They took us to see some of the local sights.



Pictograph State Park near Billings


We seem to be on a Lewis and Clark theme and went on to visit Pompeys Pillar, where William Clark scratched his name into sandstone on a bluff above the Yellowstone River.  Clark’s inscription is the only remaining physical evidence found along the route that was followed by the expedition.  It was named Pompeys Pillar in honor of Sacagawea’s son who was called Pompy by Clark.



200 years of graffiti mark the spot



Pompeys Pillar overlooking the Yellowstone River. Clark’s signature is about 2/3 of the way up.


Together with Steve and Diana we are heading further west.  The Rocky Mountains are finally within view.

One response to “Little Bighorn Battlefield and Billings, Montana

  1. Cool stuff and gorgeous country. And, as always, a ham.

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