Livingston, Montana

IMG_6371We’re spending a whole week at Yellowstone’s Edge RV Park which is about 30 miles north of the North Entrance to Yellowstone NP.  We’ve made two forays into the park so far, once to explore the Mammoth Hot Springs area and the next day to cross the Lamar Valley and on to Cooke City outside of the park for lunch and then back.

We had a great day in the Lamar Valley.  The weather was cool and sunny and we saw almost all the animals Yellowstone is known for in one day, including watching some wolf pups near their den way off in the distance.  Many thanks to the guys with the spotting scopes for helping us with that one.


Mammoth Terrace


Mammoth Terrace


A black bear with a cub


Bighorn sheep


Hundreds and hundred of buffalo with calves


A grizzly bear that swam across the river and came out right where we were standing.


Coyote hunting for critters


There is still fresh snow on the mountains, it snowed here in the higher elevations last week.

2 responses to “Livingston, Montana

  1. Wow! I have pictures just like the first three! As to the animals… yo did good. Is this the first time back since our Winter trip?

    • sunandsandtravelers

      Yes first time back. That was a fabulous trip, it will be hard to compare anything else to it.

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