Yellowstone National Park

IMG_3263We headed down into Yellowstone again, this time toward the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, which is a region we had not previously explored.    We were able to watch a black bear and her cub meander through a field of flowers looking for tidbits, totally unperturbed by the hordes of onlookers.  



We even saw a badger which none of us had ever seen in the wild before


We were up at about 8500 ft and the wild flowers were amazing



Red Tailed Hawk


The Yellowstone River is raging at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone


The multi-colored cliff walls of the canyon with the Yellowstone River far below


Norris Geyser Basin


Porcelain Basin at Norris Geyser Basin


Catching a few winks on the front lawn of the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel Complex

2 responses to “Yellowstone National Park

  1. I guess Summer is the time to see a lot of wildlife… including the hordes? I don’t recall anything other than moose, bison and elk on my trips. It looks like you are having wonderful weather!

  2. Michael Chernoby

    So much wildlife. You picked a good place to be at this time of year. Maybe the best weather in the country.

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