Yellowstone Beauty




Grand Prismatic at Midway Geyser Basin.

We made a couple of more forays into Yellowstone with our good friends Steve and Diana who spent the week at the same RV park as us.   We hit it hard the last couple of days and it was well worth it for we saw some incredible sights and the weather was perfect. Here are some more images of the wonders of Yellowstone.    


Grand Prismatic, so beautiful but so enormous there is no way capture it all from land.  We needed a drone.



Norris Geyser Basin


Steve and Dianna enjoying a sulfur steam bath


Old Faithful


The Lion Group near old Faithful became active just as we were passing by.


Upper Geyser Basin


Upper geyser basin


Upper Geyser Basin


We felt extremely fortunate to witness Grand Geyser suddenly erupt like fireworks going off.

This eruption lasted for a least 10 minutes and was more spectacular than Old Faithful. We have a short video here.


Mammoth Terrace at about 9 pm


A lucky sighting just as the sun was about to go down.

8 responses to “Yellowstone Beauty

  1. We so enjoyed spending the week with you both. Thanks for letting us join you. The sights were spectacular.

  2. Beauty indeed! I must fish out my photos (you remember photos?) of Yellowstone, many of which are from all of these sites. The Lion Group?

    • sunandsandtravelers

      Yes that was the name. I don’t recall seeing them on earlier trips but probably because it wasn’t doing anything.

  3. Fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing!

    • sunandsandtravelers

      Thanks Judie, I hope you’re having a great summer up at Door county.

      • We leave next Sat for the month! So excited to spend extended peak season time there. Taking a watercolor workshop this weekend to sharpen my skills. Drive safe. Take lots of pics!!! They’re so awesome!

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