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Threading the Needles Hwy to Sylvan Lake – Custer SP

Disappearing into the mountain wall!

Disappearing into the mountain wall!

The Needles Highway is a spectacular 14 mile road that gets its name from the needle-like granite formations which seem to pierce the horizon along the highway.  Getting to our campground located at Sylvan Lake, which was at the end of the Needles Hwy, was an experience that we will never forget.

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Custer State Park, SD

Summer White House of Calvin Coolidge

Summer White House of Calvin Coolidge


We’re going to spend 5 nights here in Custer State Park but because we had to cancel our original reservations we arrived here and just hoped for a spot.  There are 7 different campgrounds in this 71,000 acre park and the best they could do was have us move around to 4 of the different campgrounds.  Oh well, at least we’re in and this way we get the full feel of the park. Continue reading

Badlands National Park, SD


Badlands in the spring.

Badlands in the spring.

One of the goals for our trip has been met and we have arrived at Custer State Park just south of Rapid City, SD.    We took the scenic route and detoured through Badlands National Park,  which was spectacular.   Continue reading

Mitchell, S. Dakota

Kitchy Americana at its best.

Kitchy Americana at its best.

We’re back on the road after a longer than anticipated stay in Rochester, MN. We’ll continue with our quest to experience new sights and see what we find along the way.     Our route west had led us to that folk art wonder on the prairie, the Corn Palace.   Continue reading

Rochester, Minnesota

One of our big goals for this trip has been met and 1725 miles later we have  made it to Rochester and even have a day to spare.   We pulled in yesterday about noon after spending the night at a Corp of Engineering (COE) campground on a dam at Lake Coralville in Iowa City, Iowa.   Continue reading

St Charles, Missouri

St Charles founded in 1769

St Charles – founded in 1769

We’ve officially made it to the western half of the US,  having crossed the Mississippi at St Louis, Missouri.    Originally, we had high hopes of going downtown to see the famous St Louis Arch, but major road construction in that area made us rethink that plan and just see it from a distance. Continue reading

Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

Descending down the original entrance to the cave

Descending down the original entrance to the cave

We had the opportunity to go on a ranger led tour of part of Mammoth Cave, which is the largest cave in the world with over 400 miles of surveyed passageways.   The cold air rushes out to great us as we approach the cave entrance and inside the temperature is a chilly 54F.    Continue reading

The Manor on the Hill, Erwin, TN


Pickin and grinnin with his cousin David

Pickin’ and grinnin’ with his cuz

We spent two delightful days in the mountains of eastern Tennessee visiting with some of Leonard’s relatives whom  unfortunately, we rarely get a chance to see.  Leonard got a chance to play guitar with his cousin and coax some stories out of his aunt and uncle. Continue reading

Asheville, North Carolina


Nothing like a roaring fire!

Nothing like a roaring fire!

Ahhh, the sight of a roaring fire in one of the two huge fireplaces greets us as we enter the lobby of the historic Grove Park Inn.  Built in 1913 by Edwin Grove, a pharmaceutical magnate from Tennessee, who got the concept for the Inn after a visit to the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park. Continue reading

The Adventure Begins


We're ready, let the adventure begin!

We’re ready, let the adventure begin!

The time has arrived and we have finally departed on the biggest RV trip we have ever undertaken.   We are going to drive from Central Florida to northern British Columbia and back.    Our ultimate goal will be to not only visit friends and family, but to also take our time and explore our surroundings, because for us it is not just about the destination, but also the journey.   Continue reading