Caddo Lake State Park – Texas

Crossing the mighty Mississippi.

Crossing the mighty Mississippi.

Day 3 of our trip had us crossing the Mississippi River into Louisiana.  My first ever viewing of the huge river.  I know it is at flood stage further north and I wondered what it would look like here at Vicksburg.  It was high but didn’t appear to be flooding.


We made it into Texas

We decided to push on through Louisiana and across the state line into Texas where  we found Caddo Lake State Park.

Caddo Lake State Park

Caddo Lake State Park

Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in Texas and was created by a mass of trees and flood debris that obstructed the Red River over 100 years ago.      A dam maintains the water today, which is primarily a maze of bayous – thick with ancient bald cypress trees.   What a great place to paddle around and I wish we had brought our canoe.

Even the campsites are bigger in Texas!

Even the campsites are bigger in Texas!

Tomorrow we press on.   We’re pleased with our progress and everything is performing well, so that gives us a little leeway in our schedule.  After tomorrow I think we will be half way there.

2 responses to “Caddo Lake State Park – Texas

  1. Caddo looks very nice. You must have found that small corner of Texas which has trees. Enjoy it while you can… Hey! What happened to the Louisiana welcome sign?

  2. sunandsandtravelers

    I missed it! But if you look closely there is a “Louisiana State Line” sign on the bridge as we’re crossing the Mississippi.

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